Chebli Trading Inc.

100 Boul. Alexis Nihon suite 404

Montreal, PQ  H4M 2N9 Canada

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Cement plant in Canada

Our company is a trading firm involved for almost 20 years in the supply of various raw materials to the cement industries worldwide as well as cement and clinker trading. 

The products we sell are: 
  • Coal
  • Petroleum coke
  • Clinker and cement trade
  • Gypsum
  • Sling Bags
  • Fly Ash
  • Anthracite
  • Perlite (Pozzolanic material, a substitute for slag)
  • Pyrite Ashes (as iron supporter for the clinker production- 82-85% Fe2O3)
  • Bauxite (as alumina supporter for the clinker production- 52-56% Al2O3)
  • Iron Oxyde (60-90% FE2O3)
  • Fluorspar (for reduction of energy consumption in the kilns and C3S improvement)
  • Granulated blast furnace slag

We are currently doing business with a large number of plants on the Mediterranean, in Europe and in the USA.

Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Belgium and Italy are among many other countries we deal with.

Our business volume exceeds 700,000 tons per year of various products.
We are a privately owned company, totally independent trader, trying to deal as much as possible with independent importers/groups.

Lady Mafra leaving Turkey port

If you need any information regarding our products
If you require products specifications
You can call or e-mail us and we will be happy to assist you.

Chebli Trading Inc.
100 Boul. Alexis Nihon suite 404
Montreal, PQ H4M 2N9 Canada
Ph:+1(514)344-1766 Fax:+1(514)344-6675

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